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Withered Hand Ministries Philippines, Inc is a registered end-time restoration ministry that is based out of the Philippines. Our ministry is being used of God to both equip and transform lives throughout the world.

We know our purpose and it is what drives our vision to reach out to the hurting masses of people some of which are looking for a reason to live. We take our walk with God seriously and pray that he will use us to be a positive influence in an ever changing world. 

We have prayed that God will send people like you to this ministry, and we are thankful that He has answered our prayers. 

Our vision is to find, acknowledge, and equip those who according to today’s church may have sinned, fallen away, then later repented and come back in fellowship with the Lord.

We believe in the sovereignty  and willingness of almighty God to forgive and restore lost humanity back into fellowship with him. We believe that the gifts and callings of God are without repentance. This simply means that His sovereignty can never be separated from His love; His grace cannot be separated from His omniscience; His judgment cannot be separated from either His mercy or His wrath.

Here at Withered Hand International Ministries, we are not quick to judge and try to view people the way God sees them. Some may have fallen and give in to temptation but here in this ministry we humbly reach out to embrace and encourage them considering ourselves lest we be tempted. We believe these people may still have a calling on their life. We make it a priority to find, restore, re-train and equip these precious souls to become a powerful influence in the kingdom of God.

Beloved, we invite you to read through the pages of our website and consider joining hands with this life changing restoration ministry, as we reach out to a hurting world with the Love of Jesus.

The vision and ministry of Withered Hand Ministries Philippines, Inc,  is one of restoration and evangelism in all phases to a hurting world that is looking for answers.

We at WHM International, have a burning desire to see the drunk delivered from his makeshift home under a bridge, or to see a prostitute (like Mary in the scriptures) find the Lord and His outstretched hands of Love. The ministers and staff at Withered Hand Ministries Philippines, Inc.  know this transformation is possible because we ourselves have experienced God's love, grace, and forgiveness in our own lives.

This ministry is being used of God to become a positive influence that is making a difference throughout the world. Our ministry is receiving reports and testimonies from people around the world of being touched, healed and set free by the mighty miracle working power of the living God as our teachings and churches present the gospel of the kingdom to a hurting world.

Beloved, again we want to express our sincere thanks for taking the time to browse through our website and we welcome your prayer requests which can be sent to us by clicking on the prayer request tab. Be sure and fill out your contact information and we will have someone get back to you as soon as possible. Beloved, please know that we appreciate and take our walk with God seriously and we also do the same for your requests. We do take time to read your requests and we pray over each of them on a daily basis, touching and agreeing together in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ asking God to meet your need.


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