Tin Tin’s Cubicle


Hello Saints,

I am so excited with this new ministry that God has entrusted to me and I eagerly look forward to ministering in other nations.

I tell you that I feel a stirring in my spirit that God is going to use the International Ministry in a mighty way and I get chills just thinking about the opportunity afforded to me that will allow me to use the gifts the Lord placed in me.

I knew from a child that I was special but I never dreamed that God would entrust me to be a leader in a well known ministry not in a life time but that is why he is the Creator and I am Sister Augustina.

I am also thankful that God brought International Evangelist Jerry Hulse in my life. Words cannot describe the joy and motivation this true Man of God has brought to me.  This has been like a dream to me and I am eager to see where the Lord will take us. I love all of you and covet your prayers as I embark on this journey.

I want to thank again my home covering Withered Hand Ministries Inc. for believing in me and seeing the call of God upon my life.

Be Blessed,

Sister Augustina Mergullas Hulse

Click on the link below to listen to my first message preached live in the Philippines


Dear Heavenly Father, whenever I started to whine as a child, my parents had a way of letting me know our home was a low-tolerance zone for whiners. Nobody likes to be on the other end of a whine.

Today I find great delight in knowing that, as Your children, when You have to discipline us, it’s always in LOVE. You never roll your eyes at us in disgust. You never get exasperated or irritated with us. Though you convict us, You never shame us. The only look You give us declares Your welcoming heart. Though You find no pleasure in our whining, You greatly delight in us; for You have hidden our lives in Jesus—in whom You find ultimate joy and pleasure.

Minister Augustina Mergullas Hulse

(aka)God’s Princess


Though it presently feels as though heaven isn’t paying attention to some very important things in my heart and story, I hear You say to us in Your Word and gospel, “My name is Redeemer. I am at work in all things for my glory and Your good *TRUST ME*. I do all things well, not all things easy—*RELAX*. In My time—not yours, I will make all things beautiful. You will see.”

Lord GOD, You took the ultimate abandonment of the cross that I might be assured I will never be disregarded or abandoned. Though I’m impatient and tired, You’re not. Though you may not answer me the way I want to be answered, You promise to give me all the power and strength I need to honor You. Turn my WHINING into WORSHIP this day, Oh gracious and ever-present Lord JESUS. Amen and I pray, in your exalted and loving name A-Men

The Lord God my King,

It’s so hard for me to believe that You chose me to represent You to the world. Lord, I feel so inadequate to be called Your Princess. I want to be what You’ve called me to be, but I don’t know how? I need you to help me let go of who I think I am and become who You may say I am. I know that You’ve given me a freewill and that You would never force me to live for You, yet I want to be totally devoted to You. I want to leave a legacy with my life. I want the world to know I’m Yours. Im asking You today to anoint me and show me how to live and act as Your Princess. I’m choosing to believe that You will equip me to do everything You call me to do and keep me strong enough to finish my journey of faith. Thank You for embracing me as Your daughter and loving me with your life. I choose to follow you today. I love You and I feel privileged to call You the Lord of my life and Savior. In Jesus Mighty name, Amen.

Your Princess and your Daughter